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3rd-Jan-2006 03:42 am - Revamping of the Prose Formatter
Currently the Prose Formatter has been converted into a class.

The next version, currently in development here, has more configuration variables. Plans include preset styles different levels of configuration (simple, basic, standard, advanced, and complete); the ability to create, save, and load styles; detection and replacement of characters that should be changed into HTML Entities; making sure the word count does not include any HTML tags and updates after reloads; better instructions and definitions of variables; error checking of input values; paragraph citations for critiquing purposes with reference links.

The version after that will have the additional ability to create a complete HTML page as well, for easy self publishing.
3rd-Jan-2006 03:41 am - Status of the Random Word Generator
The Random Word Generator is in a static state at this point.

Future modification ideas: ability to generate random words based on prefixes or postfixes or other characteristics of words.
3rd-Jan-2006 03:41 am - Status of the Overused Word Checker
The Overused Word Checker is mostly finished; the XML parses, the CSS popups function.

Now all it needs is words and an about page, seeing as it's a controversial subject.
Livejournal has a 4,300 character limit for comments. It should be easy to split a longer comment up into acceptable segments breaking by character, word, sentence, or paragraph, right?

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