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4th-Aug-2006 02:24 pm - New write_away schema & misc

Table: user
Columns: user_name, user_member, user_mod, user_audio_privs

Table: crit
Columns: crit_given, crit_received, crit_date, crit_postid, crit_thread1, crit_thread2

Table: audio
Columns: audio_name, audio_date, audio_title, audio_id

Use this for Flash playing music: XSPF Web Music Player

Will need to convert current flatfile crits to database system; this will involve fetching pages and parsing info from them for the received and date.

Will need to have a PHP that generates XML playlists for given situations:
* Latest community audio
* All user audio posts
* Slim player stuff for single plays?

Will probably want it to cache results for the last hour instead of generating them?

Will keep user icons in /icons directory in write_away directory -- make sure to turn off indexing on the icons and audio folders
10th-Mar-2006 11:50 am - Idea for a project
Sometimes I find myself wanting to know who is joining a community, especially if the community is too large to see newcomers, but don't really need to screen them right away. However, letting them in manually is a pain and the delay is probably frustrating for newcomers.

However, I think it might be possible, if a specific moderator account was set up with a specific email address, to follow the immediate add link and add the person to the community immediately, while still having notifications of who's added the community, so if there's a troll zerg rush, the most recent additions can all be screened.

An interesting idea; must think more about this later.
21st-Feb-2006 07:53 pm - Random Word Generator for the win
Hurray! The Random Word Generator is 15th for the Google Search term "random word generator"! Notable from a heavy spike in hits.
10th-Feb-2006 01:05 am - LJ & URLs
Livejournal is apparently *very* picky about its URLs. I just found out that if I don't have the end slash on the URL for a month I'm fetching, I'll get a 302 that says "The page can be found here" or somesuch. In short,'


and NOT

Turns out I was being a silly billy and I introduced a bug into my community check scripts. But the error's now fixed and I'm back to fetching.

Still, it's time to revamp the comment checker:
  1. One page for all checking and displaying of latest comments.
  2. One page managing all the communities I check.
  3. Make it into a class so it can be presented to somewhere like lj_nifty.

LJ Page Fetch Function for PHP using libcurl and auth digestCollapse )


Things To Do:

  • Reset password by email or username IF the email exists
  • Prevent the test/demo account from changing password
  • Create New Project
  • View Project(s) -- main page lists
  • View Revision(s)
  • View Submissions(s) -- main pages lists most recent; other choices are sold, unsold, unresponded,
  • Add Revision to Project; if no specified project, list projects
  • Add Submission to Revision; if no revision, list recent submissions
  • Delete or Edit Project / Revision / Submission
  • View Markets -- All or only ones Submitted to
  • Add Market -- Adds a market to Specfic's listings; if it's not from an admin user, is flagged for later review
  • Project History -- plain HTML backup
  • User History -- plain HTML backup
  • Delete Account -- lets a user delete their own account
  • Contact Mechanism -- for people wanting accounts, bugs, problems, etc
  • Instructions & About


  • Make New User -- Create a new user
  • Verify Markets -- verify/edit the details of markets & unflag them
  • User Activity -- check on who the latest logged in people and last logged in people (in case the 100MB database starts getting full and need to decide who might be contacted about culling their account)
  • Delete User
19th-Jan-2006 01:09 am - Oh hell yes, baby!
hiding, omg, uhoh
Paid account holders should also note that we recently increased the maximum number of custom S2 styles you can create from 10 to 50, and the maximum number of custom layers you can create increased from 50 to 150.

On the other hand, might want to consider redoing the ljName PHP function with the new URL names. It's going to be much more complicated, so maybe it's not worth it.

Edit: Dammit, looks like some moderation code is going to have to be reworked as well.
A bug was found this year with the comment checker; something is wrong with how the order is getting paired up from December to January. Am saving old monthviews for testing and debugging purposes.

Plan to consolidate the comment checker to manage several communities at once for my own moderating sanity; when finished, can post the code to lj_nifty.
  • If a post is tagged "type: for critique", then add a link to that post's crit spread

  • Links for each post to the poster's stat page and intro page

  • Total community/website integration with regards to links & placements of objects; now isn't too bad, but it could be better

  • In the sidebar, forms for Stats, Crits, Posts
Current status of the poetry critique generator is in transition from Perl to PHP. Will be class based. Will also be able to output in table and linear format.

After this transition, all old links will be forwarded to the new one.
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