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Coyote's Coding
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New write_away schema & misc 
4th-Aug-2006 02:24 pm

Table: user
Columns: user_name, user_member, user_mod, user_audio_privs

Table: crit
Columns: crit_given, crit_received, crit_date, crit_postid, crit_thread1, crit_thread2

Table: audio
Columns: audio_name, audio_date, audio_title, audio_id

Use this for Flash playing music: XSPF Web Music Player

Will need to convert current flatfile crits to database system; this will involve fetching pages and parsing info from them for the received and date.

Will need to have a PHP that generates XML playlists for given situations:
* Latest community audio
* All user audio posts
* Slim player stuff for single plays?

Will probably want it to cache results for the last hour instead of generating them?

Will keep user icons in /icons directory in write_away directory -- make sure to turn off indexing on the icons and audio folders
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